Miele Dynamic U1 Series Upright Vacuums

Price: $449.00

Imagine an upright that pivots easily around chair legs and reaches right under beds, coffee tables and other low furniture. The Miele Dynamic Series features ...

Price: $549.00

One of the best things about a Miele vacuum cleaner is its superior filtration system. The Salsa is no exception. It's sealed filtration system means that ...

Price: $549.00

The Miele Jazz upright vacuum cleaner combines innovative and practical features with the performance and reliability you expect from a Miele vacuum. Its unique swivel neck  ...

Cat & Dog
Price: $649.00

Cleaning up after your cat or dog doesn't have to be a daunting task. Our Cat & Dog U1 vacuum cleaner features a range of accessories that help you emove pet hair, dander and dirt from ...

Price: $799.00

The HomeCare is an upright vacuum cleaner that is designed to help you to keep your home clean with maximum efficiency. It features a host of accessories and tools that ...

Price: $799.00

The control and responsiveness of the AutoEco U1 is perfectly complemented by its outstanding versatility. These AirClean Sealed System vacuum cleaners are capable of lifting dirt, dust and ...

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